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If we go back a hundred or two hundred years, it seems that almost all goods, from gunpowder to seafood, were transported in transport barrels, no matter to which destination. Barrels were easy to manipulate and store, and those were containers for storing goods since ancient times.
However, as the world progressed, people began to use paper packages and metal containers since the early 20th century, and the manufacture of wooden barrels started dying out…
Wooden barrels are made of first class oak staves (without sapwood and knots). Wooden barrels are made of DURMAST and TURKEY OAK. Hoops used in barrel production are black or zinced, and they can also be made with brass or chromized hoops. Small barrels, 1 to 5 liters, are made of cut staves which are not curved while heated on fire. Timber from which a barrel is made has been dried in natural conditions for 2 years.
Developing, investing in, and modernization of wine industry and smaller family distilleries require greater amounts of wooden barrels we shall offer you.
Wooden barrels can be made with your company’s logotype. Minimal number for engraving is 20 barrels. The price is determined according to the time needed for engraving, and is usually around €5 each. Decorative barrels 1-10 liters are delivered together with a stand and a tap.